Approved Repositories

This post will serve as a placeholder for all approved repositories until the completion of the V3 portal. If you have a repository and would like to see it on this list, please submit an application over at #apps.

The following repositories have been approved by the QA team:

Author Repo Link Branch (if applicable)
Bobloy Fox-V3 -
Lionirdeadman Jintaku-Cogs -
Yukirin MayuYukirin-Cogs -
Ribose FalcomBot-Cogs -
Tmerc tmerc-cogs -
Zephyrkul FluffyCogs -
Aikaterna aikaterna-cogs -
Sinbad SinbadCogs -
Redjumpman Jumper-Plugins -
TrustyJAID Trusty-Cogs -
Crossedfall crossed-cogs -
Tobotimus Tobo-Cogs -
Flame442 Flame-Cogs -
WildStriker Wild-Cogs -
Luna Luna-Cogs -
Palm__ palmtree5 -
ThinkAdrian CogsByAdrian -
eragon5779 TechCogsV3 -
PhasecoreX PCXCogs -
Malarne discord_cogs -
El Laggron Laggrons-Dumb-Cogs -
Fixator10 Fixator10-Cogs -
Flaree Flare-Cogs -
saurichable SauriCogs -
Predä predacogs -
NeuroAssassin Toxic-Cogs -
Kennnyshiwa kennnyshiwa-cogs -


  • audiotrivia: Start an Audio Trivia game
  • ccrole: [Incomplete] Creates commands that adjust roles
  • chatter: Local Chatbot run on machine learning
  • exclusiverole: Set roles to be exclusive
  • flag: Add expiring flags to members
  • forcemention: Mention unmentionables
  • hangman: Play Hangman
  • infochannel: Updating server info channel
  • leaver: Send message on leave
  • lovecalculator: Calculate love percentage
  • lseen: Last seen tracker
  • planttycoon: Grow your own plants! Do [p]gardening to get started.
  • qrinvite: Create a QR code invite
  • recyclingplant: Apply for a job at the recycling plant!
  • rpsls: Play Rock Papers Scissor Lizard Spock in Discord!
  • scp: Look up SCP articles.
  • timerole: Apply roles after # of days
  • unicode: Encode/Decode Unicode characters!
  • werewolf: Werewolf Game


  • anisearch: Search Anilist for anime, manga, users, characters
  • booru: Display image board entries
  • confession: Confess secretly.
  • conversationgames: Truth or dare, Would you rather, Never have I ever…
  • dmannouncer: DM all the server owners
  • gamesearch: Display game information from IGDB
  • imdb: Display movie information from IMDB
  • osu: Display user information from osu
  • pokemon: Display pokemon information
  • roleplay: Interact with users
  • wikia: Displays wikia articles
  • xkcd: Display random xkcd


  • animal: Post animal pics
  • avatar: Get user’s Avatar URL
  • doujin: Post random doujin (NSFW)
  • pda: Show your affection to other member


  • randt: Utility randomization commands.
  • rolereqs: Allows users to request roles.
  • rot13: ROT-13 command and reaction system.
  • textt: Utility text commands.
  • topic: View and edit topic command.
  • wikia: Command to request FANDOM Wiki pages.


  • catfact: Gets a random cat fact.
  • lenny: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • massdm: DM a Role.
  • nestedcommands: Nest commands together.
  • randimals: Get some random animal images.
  • streamrole: Streamers get a role.
  • welcome: Announces membership events.


  • act: Command the bot to perform an action on a fellow user.
  • autodisconnect: Automatically disconnect inactive VC users. Requires a set AFK channel.
  • clocks: Track projects with clocks.
  • invoice: Automatically role VC users according to various settings.
  • logsfrom: Log a specified channel to a markdown file.
  • nationstates: Access information from
  • proxyembed: Thanks for installing
  • rift: Allows cross-server communication through Red
  • skyrim: Say a random line from Skyrim. WARNING: Spoilers for Skyrim.
  • theme: Allows you to set themes to easily play accross all servers.
  • turn: Track turns for posting in a channel.


  • antiphoneclapper: Deletes messages with malformed GIFs.
  • away: Away message toggle for users
  • blurplefy: Blurplefy a user profile picture or image.
  • cah: Cards Against Humanity.
  • chatchart: Generate a pie chart from the last 5000 messages
  • dadjokes: Random dad jokes
  • dictionary: Gets definitions for given words
  • dungeon: Specialized raid protection.
  • inspirobot: Fetch ‘inspiring’ messages.
  • nolinks: No links allowed.
  • otherbot: Alerts a role when bot(s) go offline.
  • partycrash: Post server invites.
  • pingtime: Ping pong.
  • pressf: Press f to pay respects.
  • pupper: Pet the dog.
  • retrosign: Posts an image of text
  • rndstatus: Random bot statuses
  • seen: Check when the user was last active on a server.
  • timezone: Check times for users and places.
  • tools: Mod and admin tools.
  • trickortreat: Trick or treat.
  • wolfram: Query Wolfram|Alpha for answers.
  • youtube: Search youtube for videos.


  • antimentionspam: filters mass mentions
  • bansync: Synchronize bans
  • economytrickle: Gives active users credits
  • embedmaker: Embeds
  • guildblacklist: server join blacklist
  • guildwhitelist: server join whitelist
  • mod:
  • quotetools: Quote messages by ID
  • relays: Forwards messages
  • rolemanagement: Role searches, reactroles, requirements for roles, etc.
  • roomtools: Tools for temporary rooms
  • rss: rss cog
  • scheduler: A timezone aware scheduler cog
  • screenshareautomod: Handle screenshare (ab)use


  • casino: Casino style mini games.
  • dicetable: Outputs multiple dice rolls into a table.
  • jisho: Translate English to Japanese
  • pokedex: Look-up info on Pokemon
  • race: Race turtles and other animals against your friends and the bot.
  • raffle: Reaction based raffles
  • russianroulette: Play a game of Russian Roulette!
  • shop: Create, buy, trade, and redeem items.


  • addimage: Add images for direct upload per guild and globally.
  • adventurealert: Receive notifications from adventure activities!
  • apngfilter: Toggle APNG message automatic deletion.
  • autorole: Automatically apply a role to new users
  • backup: Backup all channel messages on a server.
  • badges: Create your own badge!
  • cleverbot: Talk with Cleverbot!
  • compliment: Compliment people in a creative way
  • conversions: Conversions
  • covfefe: Despite the negative press, covfefe
  • crabrave: Make Crab rave videos, in discord!
  • destiny: Destiny 2 information
  • elements: Periodic table of elements
  • emojireact: Emoji Reaction
  • encoding: Encode or decode different ways.
  • eventposter: Admin approved announcments/events
  • extendedmodlog: ExtendedModLog, track changes made in the server.
  • faces: General commands
  • fenrir: Give users the option to kick, ban, or insult themselves via reactions.
  • fun: Various fun commands like react, textflip, and regional
  • gabai: information
  • halo: halo
  • hockey: Hockey commands
  • hue: Control your philips hue lights with redbot!
  • imagemaker: Create your own feels!
  • imgflip: Recreation of Red v1 meme generator
  • insult: Insult people in a creative way
  • mock: Mock another user!
  • notsobot: Some working commands from NotSoBot
  • rekt: REKT
  • retrigger: ReTrigger
  • runescape: Runescape
  • serverstats: Get various stats about servers the bot is on.
  • spoiler: Spoiler messages
  • starboard: Starboard
  • stickyroles: Reapplies specific roles on join
  • tarot: General commands
  • translate: Translate messages using google translate!
  • tweets: Cog for getting info from Twitter
  • twitch: Get basic twitch account information.
  • weather: Weather
  • welcome: Welcome new users to the server


  • getnotes: Obtains player notes and posts them into discord on command!
  • status: Pulls information from the current SS13 round


  • docref: Search for references on documentation webpages.
  • errorlogs: Log error tracebacks in text channels.
  • reactkarma: Like Reddit Karma, but with discord reactions!
  • register: Simplifies two SelfRole commands into one.
  • sticky: Sticky messages for your channels!
  • streamroles: Hoist users streaming on Twitch.
  • strikes: Strike misbehaving users.
  • updatered: A command to update Red!
  • welcomecount: Customisable welcome messages.


  • battleship: Play battleship with a friend.
  • deepfry: Deepfry or nuke images.
  • face: Find and describe the faces in an image.
  • gameroles: Grant roles when a user is playing a specific game.
  • hangman: Play hangman with the bot.
  • monopoly: Play a game of monopoly.
  • onlinestats: Information about what devices people are using to run discord.
  • partygames: Chat games focused on coming up with words from 3 letters.
  • simpleembed: Simply send embeds.
  • wordstats: Tracks commonly used words.


  • chessgame: Chess in discord


  • bandname: Randomly creates names for made up bands.
  • feedback: Allows users to submit anonymous feedback.
  • selfassign: Allows users to self-assign roles
  • weeedcog: Create comics from channel messages


  • banrole: Ban/unban by role.
  • eventmaker: Event manager utility
  • hpapi: Cog for getting info from the Hypixel API
  • lockdown: Cog for locking down a server in the event of a raid
  • mcsvr: Cog for getting Minecraft server status
  • messagepinner: Pins messages containing specific text
  • reddit: Cog for getting stuff from Reddit
  • slowmode: Slow mode in Discord
  • srrecords: Cog for getting world records for various games
  • tweets: Cog for getting info from Twitter


  • crier: Announce messages in different channels
  • insult: Insult a user creatively.
  • killer: Do bad things to other users
  • penis: Thanks for installing


  • cpucompare: Compare the top CPUs for your build needs
  • encode: Wrapper for Python base64 library
  • genid: Wrapper for Python UUID and ULID libraries
  • hash: Hash files and text


  • bancheck: Check user accounts on multiple global ban lists.
  • decodebinary: Decode binary strings automatically.
  • dice: Dice rolling cog.
  • remindme: Never forget anything anymore.
  • updatenotify: Alert the bot owner when there are any updates ready for Red-Discordbot.
  • uwu: Uwuize messages.
  • wikipedia: Look up things on Wikipedia.


  • account: Thanks for installing
  • anarchy: anarchy moderation cog
  • heist: Heist mini-game inspired by Twitch’s deep bot
  • League: League of legend cog
  • Leveler: Leveler tool, better than MEE6
  • oBoobs: nsfw cog


  • instantcmd: Instant command maker
  • roleinvite: Autorole based on server’s invites
  • say: Speak as the bot through multiple options.
  • warnsystem: Moderation tools, providing an alternative to core Red.


  • adminutils: Useful commands for server administrators.
  • datautils: Commands for getting information about users or servers.
  • generalchannel: Allow users to manage #general channel’s name and topic
  • godvilledata: Get data about Godville profiles
  • messageslog: Log deleted and redacted messages in defined channel
  • minecraftdata: This cog show minecraft-related data
  • moreutils: Some (maybe) useful utils.
  • personalroles: Personal roles for members
  • reverseimagesearch: This cog allows users to reverse search images
  • smmdata: This cog shows SMM-related data
  • steamcommunity: Get steamcommunity data
  • translators: Useful (and not) translators
  • weather: Weather forecast


  • forward: Forward messages to bot owner.
  • highlight: Get notified on certain words.
  • modmail: Forward messages to certain channels.
  • r6: Show R6 player info
  • unbelievaboat: Unbelievaboat economy commands converted for Red use.


  • advancedlock: Lock @everyone from sending messages.
  • application: Simple application cog.
  • cookies: Collect cookies.
  • cookiestore: Additional store to Cookies cog.
  • counting: Counting channel
  • economyraffle: Simple economy raffle cog.
  • forwarding: Forward messages to the owner.
  • gallery: Gallery channels!
  • lock: Lock @everyone from sending messages.
  • lvlupcookies: Set cookie rewards for users that level up!
  • marriage: Marriage cog with some extra shit.
  • mentionable: Makes unmentionable roles mentionable.
  • pick: Pick a random user or a user with a specified role.
  • pingable: Make unpingable roles pingable by regular users.
  • suggestion: Simple suggestion box.
  • uniquename: Deny members’ names to be the same as your Moderators’.
  • userlog: Log when users join/leave.


  • converters: Some utility converters.
  • dbltools: Tools to get bots information from
  • martools: Multiple tools that are originally used on Martine (
  • nsfw: Send random NSFW images from random subreddits and Nekobot API.
  • randimages: Send random images (animals, art …) from different APIs.
  • serverinfo: Replace original Red serverinfo command with more details.
  • spacex: Get multiple information about SpaceX using SpaceX-API.
  • whoplays: See who’s playing what!


  • color: Tells you the hexadecimal values, rgb values and names of colors
  • commandchart: Tells the used and usages of commands! Based off of aikaterna’s chatchart cog.
  • cooldown: Allows bot owner to set cooldowns for commands
  • deleter: Allows for the auto-deletion of messages in a channel after a specified wait time.
  • editor: Edit one of the bot’s messages easily.
  • evolution: Buy and get animals to get more economy credits!
  • listpermissions: Gives you the permissions of a role/member guild wide or in a channel
  • maintenance: Allows the bot owner to put the bot on maintenance.
  • minesweeper: Allows you to play Minesweeper inside of Discord!
    Small warning: this cog can sometimes you up rate limits (depending how fast you play), so be careful while playing.
  • scanner: Detects images being sent and checks whether they are inappropriate based on the set filters.
  • sql: Allows you to run sql commands in Discord
  • sw: Get information about a bunch of different things in Star Wars.
  • switcher: Allows the bot owner to switch between bot’s via token.
  • targeter: Targets users based upon the passed arguments
  • twenty: Allows you to play 2048 inside of Discord!
  • updatechecker: Notifies you when an update for a repo is available.


  • ark: Retrieves info from Intel’s ARK database.
  • embedinvite: Creates a custom invite embed to display the bot invite and support server.
  • imperialtoolkit: Botstats command and other useful tools
  • listemoji: List all of your servers emojis
  • pnw: Nation informaiton for PnW
  • pottermore: Harry Potter information
  • requestbox: configureable Request boxes
  • space: Space information and Pictures
  • trackerinfo: Tracker information