[CANCELLED] A Migration of my v2 Red to v3

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V2 to V3 Migration.

While I could just run with my v3 which is up and running and has been for a long while, the v2 has 2 custom cogs on them, the v2 bot is perhaps available to be ‘seen’ ie: run commands to these custom cogs… in (Aikaternas Discord) edit that out if not preferred.

The other v2 cogs that may or may not be ‘included’ as are not yet upgraded for v3 perhaps, could more than likely be left out of the migration, as do not know how it works ofc.

I also have a private GitLab acct where the files can be viewed etc if need be.


nb: 2 custom cogs referred to are 1: Memory Alpha Search for Star Trek and 2: Star Trek TImelines cog. There is also a lessor one that may also be included but is tiny, compared to the 2 mentioned.
A few examples follow…


I’m potentially willing to pick this up if you’re just looking for a conversion of existing work to v3, but it depends on the time frame you want this done in and some other information which isn’t here.

Feel free to contact me on discord if you are available to discuss specifics.

Thanks, shall do and very flexible on time frame.

2 Custom Cogs needing Migration from v2 to v3

A ‘hopeful’ bump, that someone may be able to help as these 2 cogs are still unconverted and are being waited on now for over 4 mths by a handful of servers that play the STT Game. At the time of posting was pre-empting the necessity by a few weeks or so, though now it is in an extremely out of date situation.

The Cogs themselves are custom, and have since migrated this particular bot to v3 Red myself as thought the cogs were ‘days away’ at the time. The Coder that has offered to take the job a while back has had various job/rl/pc issues, albeit, am somewhat hopeful of some help / advice on getting these cogs migrated asap.


As for the other ‘bounties’ none were carried out by any ‘cog boarder’, and this one in particular was left outstanding for over 7 months after being accepted by Sinbad the day I had posted the Bounty, then he recently deleted all correspondence in Discord, including the offer, with no explanation nor reason. only a week or so after stating he ‘finally has time to devote to it’ also!

Not that it seems important to anyone, but I had invested quite a lot of time, effort and money in having those v2 cogs made in the first place, and the only reason I had waited is out of being polite, and had trusted him, now it ends up in a fiasco with people asking for my bot, and any Star Trek features that it had are now incomplete / unavailable for nearly a year. Sad example for this ‘cog board’ and I will obviously stay with upwork or codementor in the future.

I still need confirmation that Sinbad has deleted all information & coding/code, of these Private Custom Cogs. whether of his own or whom he may have passed it on to.


nb: adding this comment here as these bounty posts are still accessible with urls or my own profile…

Sinbad has also 1: blocked his ‘cog channel’ and 2: am not convinced of any professionalism to bother with a pm to any more staff here, as seems there are no ‘rights’ concerning this problem of a: not being finalized nor adhered to the ‘accepted bounty’, also am unconvinced the information of these cogs codes will be deleted.

I do thank 26 for unlisting these ‘bounties’ on my request and for his polite correspondence throughout.

This post has been unlisted as it has been inactive for a long time. If you wish to create a new post requesting someone else convert your cogs, you can feel free to.