[CANCELLED] Changing VMs

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Sasha#0007

Payment Information (Quote) then via paypal

Timeframe: 1 - 2 wks, from accepting job.

Exp Required: Moving Bots/Instances from different providers.

I need 4 bots on 3 vm’s (google cloud) transferred to 1 VPS on Scaleway or Vultr: via ‘no cam, screenshare’ as I can then purchase the vm’s / be on hand for any info or additional files. I have 2 v3 red bots, the others are Sigma and Nadeko… Scaleway looked the best for the price

Scaleway >> DEV1-M
3 vCPUs
4 GB
40 GB
200 Mbits/s

or Vultr 60 GB 80 GB SSD
4 GB
3 TB
(Australian $ I think?)
and to help advise of which machine would handle the 4 bots, if not the ones noted.

I need the new vm to be streamlined ie: all bots to function on the one, and for optimum performance (swap files or similar for when ‘updating’ the bots mainly, to ensure of no crashing.) Also, since the free trials finished a while ago for 2 of them now, the google is of course far too pricy for me to continue with it.


Did it myself, adding this comment for future reference, as all are still accessible via my profile.

As for the other ‘bounties’ none were carried out by any ‘cog boarder’, and one was left outstanding for over 7 months after being accepted, then the person deleted all correspondence including the offer, with no explanation nor reason.