Game Server Status - 5$

Discord Username ΛlphaOmega#8769

Payment Information: 5$

Description of Cog: Simple bot that will ping a server (DNS or IP) every minute (or defined ) and will announce if the server goes down and or is up again. it would be useful if there were some retry option and say announced downtime based on a number of attempts over a period?


This sounds interessting. If you let it be developed public for everyone and there is some Information too, like Game playing, Slots, Users online etc I would give some cash as well for this cog.
I guess automatic IP tracking would be too much (my Server at G-Portal sometimes changes IP, don’t know why), but overall it would be nice.
Palmtree has a similar cog for Minecraft.

What kind of server(s) are we talking about here? I have a private bot that checks (Gold)Source-based servers and updates an existing embed with details (example below).

I’d consider converting it to a Public Cog if something like it is what you want. DM me (YamiKaitou#8975) if you are interested in me working on it (the cog would be public, I wouldn’t develop it for private use) so we can determine what info you would like displayed (the library I use is not async and only supports A2S queries)

Mistery and I have discussed some of what he wants and I am working on it. I will also include the messaging that the OP requested. If anyone would like to request additional features, feel free to DM me about it