[PAID] Request for a Star Trek Cog - via Memory Alpha

Bounty Request Format:
The Star Trek API as found by Hatred. Hopefully the Private Cog for v2 [& v3 later on] will be able to grab the info in a similar style to the following: (would be great if it could include a picture)
[edit: Private Cog, as I will make it available as a Public Bot for when I use it with v3 - mainly for Trek Nerds]


Discord Username Sasha0z#1701

Payment Information (Optional) am happy to donate for the work

Description of Cog If anyone knows of someone (or themselves) who’d be interested in making a Star Trek Cog - to Grab info from Memory Alpha - like a ‘search’ via Character Names / Episode Names / phrase - I’d appreciate it a great deal. pm for any enquires :slightly_smiling_face: :vulcan_salute: It’s for my Red v2 (also have the v3 dev version) The main portals accessed are seen in the image. TIA

API’s or other information memory%20alpha%20portals

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

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They seem to have their API disabled, only way might be via scraping, though who knows, there might be other APIs out there.

Thanks, scraping sounds good then… a cog that I have installed just recently works well with that method. Hopefully someone may know how to do it that way then?

Private message me on discord (hatred#0041)

Done :vulcan_salute:

Interested cog makers still required.

This Bounty is still open and thanks to Hatred the API is http://stapi.co/ but have had no contact since last week and the cog is still needed.


How much donation are we talking about? Cuz I saw that API, and I might do it (though it might be 'til the weekend).

Open to suggestions, as am new to the ‘cog bounty’ process… I’ll dm you on discord for some outlines of what you think.

Offer sent, @hatred you got til saturday to pick this up, else I’ll take it.

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Have spoken to @hatred in Discord, and he’s happy leaving it to you @UltimatePancake :vulcan_salute:

STAPI provides minimal info and not even a link back to memoryalpha. Not really worth it in its current state, awaiting better data source.

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Posted the query at memory alpha… also emailed the admin. Wondering about the viability of using the Wikipedia Portal for Star Trek

nb: STAPI Documentation

In the meantime… this is somewhat reopened to any new interested parties… as not really ‘confident’ on any kind of positive response from Mem’ Alpha…

Since scraping is apparently another option not covered, also not sure 100 % about the Wikipedia Portal for Star Trek either (as a secondary option but not optimal)

This is re-opened for any new interested parties… seems ‘scraping would be the only option’ - after many an email to and from Fandom main website admin… a lot of red tape to re-open API keys, for non commercial use.

Also not sure about the Wikipedia Portal for Star Trek as being another option(?)


Hey there,

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