Please read before making a bounty



Discussions should remain on topic. Make sure to read over our Community Guidelines. Please review the information below before creating a topic or posting a reply.

Rules for Requesters

  • Be respectful and understanding to the comments of other developers and users.

  • You are not required to disclose any final payments, however letting prospective developers know what you are willing to spend in your topic can attract developers or indicate your seriousness.

  • Do not request for any sort of malicious code.

  • Do not ask for a developer to modify another developer’s code, cog, or source without their explicit permission.

  • Please check the Cog Portal to make sure your request is not a duplicate.

  • Please used the solved feature to indicate if a developer has successfully provided adequate service.

  • Your request must not be in violation of the Discord Terms of Service.

  • Consider writing a follow-up to share your experience with the developer.

Rules for Developers

  • Be respectful to the ideas and thoughts of the requester.

  • Be respectful to other developers who may be seeking more information or a bid for services.

  • You are not required to disclose any payment amounts.

  • Flag topics that are requesting malicious code.

  • We highly recommend that you create your own terms of service before committing to any work.

  • Do not take any requests that violate the Discord, Cog Board, or Red Discord-Bot Terms of Service.

  • Consider writing a follow-up post on the topic to rate your experience with the requester.

Failure of Payment or Service

If a developer does not release the software under the terms they provided after payment has been issued by the requester, you may send a message to an administrator for an investigation. Likewise, if a requester has not paid you, the developer, for services rendered, please send an administrator a message.

We will conduct an investigation that may result in a ban or suspension from Cog Board. Cog Board is not responsible for any loss of funds, software, property, content, or lack thereof.

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