React Poll Migration to v3

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username Sasha#0007

Payment Information : free/minimal

Description of Cog: v2 to v3 React Poll that I had made a while ago via an outside coder. Would be free to all to use, as was a modified existing cog… preferably by an approved repo, so anyone that may find it helpful can trust it’s coding, as would offer it to be used for ‘RedBot’ Cogs generally, & not as a custom/private cog.
Thought I’d share it, as I have about 6 bots now, (2 Reds) but this may be useful for some.

V2 >> V3

My v2 Version on GitHub

The differences from the Original, was mainly it only uses the increments used ie: 1d, or hrs and so on, (one or more), if used when making a poll. ie: not all 00:00:00 different, also various tweaks to the ‘view’ of.

No takers? It was from Flapjack originally, but had it changed to use ‘other’ than seconds… ie: can use days/hours/minutes or combinations, inc seconds… will accept all types…