Sentinel (Cogs)

Discord Name:

GitHub Repository (Must be V3):

These non-GMO, organic free-range, origami based, sea salted cogs have been baking in the sun for over an year and now I finally feel comfortable to release them into the wild onto your plate.

For the main course we have: GitHubCards,
This cog is where most of my free creative time went into, a cog to serve you the freshest GitHub issues and PRs on a silver platter.

Followed up with the unfortunately named: AntiRP
This cog doesn’t stop roleplayers, it will however stop unauthorized rich presence invites. As Discord made it so that anyone could send a rich presence invite without the Embed messages permission.

As sauce to go along with that we have: Massmove
The premiere cog to annoy everyone while making everyone deaf due to mass moving members. Does what is said on the can, mass-moves everyone to and from another channel!

And as desert: Freshmeat
Don’t ask me why we’re having meat as desert… I don’t know, the chefs told me to do so. But here we are. This cog allows you to find the finest fresh meat in your server to shoo away make friends with!


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