Toxic-Cogs (2: Reapplication)


Discord Name:
Neuro Assassin#4227 <@473541068378341376>
GitHub Repository (Must be V3):

Updates from latest application:
1. simon and twenty now allow multiple games to be played at once.
2. namechecker has been removed due to being a poor excuse of a cog.
3. webstatus has been removed due to changing class names that they have on their site
4. commandchart now correctly grabs all sub-commands of command messages.
5. color (new): Provide either one of the following of a color: name, hexadecimal value, rgb value or hsl value; and it will respond with the hexadecimal value, rgb value and hsl value in an embed with its color being set to that color.
6. minesweeper (new): allows you to play Minesweeper inside of Discord (non-spoiler, due to that not being available on the API side of Discord). EDIT: it now has a command that allows you to play it with spoilers, though it will not be able to keep track of bombs.
7. sql (new): allows you to store data inside of a table in either the bot’s memory or in your server’s file. You can also control who can edit the table, who can select data from the table. Server owners can also run raw sql commands, though that is discouraged.

Hopefully this fixed many of the needed changes from my last application.


Quick Update: I discovered a small issue with a path in my sql cog, just fixed it with a commit (hash: 308462d2aeba83b2d37af306295d838cab83570c). Also cleaned up some str()s.


Another quick update: I added a feature in my sql cog where now you can specify the edit and select roles as 0, which will allow for anyone to edit/select that table.

assigned Redjumpman #4

@Neuro_Assassin I’ll be reviewing your application in the coming days. Just wanted to let you know I’ve assigned myself to this app. Expect to see a preliminary review soon.