Discord Name: Zylvian#1337

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): https://github.com/Zylvian/ZylCogs

Description: I create a combination of novelty and administrative cogs, albeit mostly novelty ones.

Cog description (from repo):
onewordstory - Make up a story, one (or more) word at the time!

msg_ctrl - Control which content people can post in which channel! Disable pictures etc.

cooldown_tagger - Set a date, and when tagged your bot will repond with days remaining until the date!

Currently the most unique one would be One Word Story, and it has proven to be a lot of fun for users in multiple servers. I made Chat Control in order to remove only images from a chat, and Cooldown Tagger was made as a user request.

I have a lot of cogs in another repo, but they need to be refined before I can publish them.